Telegraph Road Construction

                Due to the Telegraph Road construction, the village is enduring an increase in traffic through its neighborhoods. The Franklin Bingham Police Department has received numerous complaints from residents about enforcing the “local traffic only” signs on Bingham Road. In fact, those signs are not enforceable. Because Bingham Road is a public - not private - road maintained with taxpayer dollars, it cannot be restricted to just Bingham residents. The “local traffic only” signs merely serve as a visual deterrent and can’t be enforced.

                The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) is responsible for the construction on Telegraph at Maple. The best estimate for completion is mid-November.  Traffic on Bingham Road will be thicker than usual until then.

               The department also reports that the number of traffic accidents on Telegraph has increased, especially during evening rush hour. Also, Telegraph traffic has diverted over to Franklin and Inkster roads, further complicating the department’s efforts.