Village Council

The Village Council is the decision making body that controls many aspects of the Village, such as legislative issues in the form of ordinances, budgetary controls. and future development of the Village.

The Council meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.



Ben Templeton

(Police/PC Liason/Roads)
Serving since 11/2017
Term ends 11/2020



Mel Ettenson
President Pro-tem

(Cable/Non Residential)
Serving since 1/1994
Term ends 2018


Kurt Jones 

Serving since 9/2017
Term ends 2020


Jeff Douville 

(Ordinances/Planning Commission Liaison)
Serving since 9/2013
Term ends 2018


Lisa Blackburn

Serving since 12/2018
Term ends 2020

Larry Freedman

Larry Freedman

(Fire Commissioner/Insurance)
Serving since 8/2012
Term ends 2018


Carl Grenadier

(Design Review Board Liaison/Residential)
Serving since 11/2012
Term ends 2016

Complaints are processed at the Village Staff level.  Send complaints to the Clerk by email at e-mail or  by mail at the Village of Bingham Farms, 24255 W. Thirteen Mile Rd., Ste. 190, Bingham Farms, MI  48025. Include as much supporting documentation as possible.