New Construction

It is strongly recommended that a developer contact the Village office as soon as there are conceptual plans developed. 

If needed, the developer may be directed to the Village’s planner, Giffels Webster, for an initial review to determine whether the proposed development is consistent with the Village’s Master Plan and in compliance with the zoning requirements. Review the village Zoning Ordinance.

The process after the initial review is to appear before the Planning Commission for input as to the proposal. Upon recommendation, the plans would go before the Village Council.

Upon approval from the Village, two sets of plans along with construction plans are given to the City of Southfield Building Dept. for review and issuance of permits. 

For issuance of a  Certificate of Occupancy the City of Southfield must notify the Village that all inspections have been completed.  There may be additional requirements by the Village, such as landscape plans, before a Final Certificate of Occupancy is issued.