Village Staff

Village Manager & Clerk: Ken Marten
The manager oversees day-to-day operations in the community. This includes coordinating with various entities that provide services to residents and commercial interests -- police and fire, road maintenance, refuse and recycling collection, water and sewage, stormwater management, planning and engineering, building and permitting, code enforcement and legal. The administrator also arranges all public meetings of the Village Council and Planning Commission.

Village Treasurer: William Pattyn
The village treasurer oversees the community's finances. This includes writing the annual budget, processing bills and invoices, processing and collecting taxes, managing human resources and payroll.


Administrative Assistant: Yevgeniy Malkin
The assistant helps the manager and treasurer with the responsibilities listed above. This includes taking minutes at public meetings and hosting them via videoconference, preparing meeting packets, overseeing the business licensing program, and maintaining property tax records. 

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Code Enforcement Officer: Don Vogrin
The CE officer patrols the village twice a week and addresses specific code complaints. Anyone can report a code violation by calling the village main office line or emailing the village administrator. Be specific and include addresses, names and photos if possible. Village staff always respects anonymity and will not reveal the names of complainants to violators.