Tenant Suite Renovations


The Village has a 2-step process for tenant suite renovations or builds.  Four sets of plans are presented to the Village office for review.  A Pre-Application form is to be filled out along with a Zoning Compliance Permit.  Fees for the Pre-Application Permit is $100 plus a fire review fee based upon the square footage of the suite build or addition.


Call the Village office at 248-644-0044 for the fire review fee.


In most cases, the turnaround for Village approval is the same day plans are presented to the office.  Upon approval from the Village, two sets of plans are taken to the City of Southfield Building Dept. for construction review and issuance of building permits.  The applicant will be charged the regular permit fees at the City of Southfield.  Bingham Farms has an agreement with the City to perform building inspections in the Village.

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